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Local Police Commander freed from armed government opponents in Sar-e Pul

Saturday, 03 February 2018 15:26

Habib, a Local Police Commander in Sar-e Pul who was abducted by armed government opponents from the center of the province about 4 months ago, was freed today.

40 Women suicide attempts restrained in Sar-e Pul

Saturday, 03 February 2018 13:32

Physicians at Sar-e Pul Provincial Hospital have saved 40 women from 44 women suicide attempts during the ongoing year. 

2 Robbers detained in Sar-e Pul

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 12:45

Sar-e Pul Police detained 2 robbers with a corolla in the center of the province.

Improvement of women conditions in Sar-e Pul

Sunday, 28 January 2018 11:26

Head of Sar-e Pul Women’s Affairs Department says women conditions in Sar-e Pul have improved 40 percent compared to previous years.

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