Clerics welcome president Ghani’s ceasefire proclamation

Clerics welcome president Ghani’s ceasefire proclamation

Clerics and preachers in community mosques of Sar-e Pul welcomed president Ghani’s ceasefire proclamation in their Friday prayer sermons and asked Taliban to accept this religious wish by the president.

Mawlawi Naqibullah, Head of Peace Committee and Head of Clerics Council of Sar-e Pul, in his Friday prayer talk in Guzar-e Shahan mosque, welcomed president’s ceasefire announcement between the government and Taliban. He added this act by the president is Islamic, carries the message of peace and requested Taliban to have a positive response to it.

Mr. Naqibullah hoped that people of Afghanistan will celebrate the upcoming Eid-ul Fitr without fear of violation and bloodshed. 

It is while president of the country ordered defense and security forces to stop their invasive attacks on Taliban all over the country from 27th Ramadan to 5th Eid. 


Bayanshamal: Mohammad Younus Naimi


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