Samangan police submit weapons to DIAG

Samangan police submit weapons to DIAG

Yesterday, Samangan police informed about submission of 19 weapons to DIAG (Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups) process.

Mohammad Jan Daryab, Samangan Police Commander says these weapons were collected as a result of endeavors by police personnel in the province in the past several months. 

Mr. Daryab added that the weapons included 6 Ak-47 guns, 8 pistols and a few air rifles which were submitted to DIAG in presence of local authorities of Samangan. 

He also stated that 25 people had been detained by security forces for carrying the weapons and their case files had been sent to judicial organs. 

According to security officials in Samangan with accumulation of these weapons security will improve across the city and districts. 


Reporter: Abdul Hai Hamdard


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