Monday, 18 February 2019
5 die in floods of Samangan

5 die in floods of Samangan

As a consequence of flood flow in Aybak city, center of Samangan province, 5 people died and 2 others were wounded.

Rajab Ali Yousufi, Samangan National Disasters Manager says that the flood flashes happened after extreme rainfall and collapse of a floodgate which was built to avoid floods and protect residential homes in second phase of Karte Mujahid, as a result of which, 5 people have died and 2 others, who were members of one family, have been wounded. 

He also added that so far the exact amount of casualties sustained by people in not specific, but survey teams have been sent to harmed areas. 

Flood flow in some other northern provinces has left people with losses as well.


Bayanshamal: Abdul Hai Hamdard


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