Monday, 16 September 2019
Book collection campaign in Kunduz

Book collection campaign in Kunduz

Kunduz youth, as a consequence of book collection campaign, submitted more than 3,000 books to Education Department of the province. 

Abdul Basit Aymaq, one of the campaigners, says they started the campaign about a month ago. 

According to Aymaq, in this campaign volunteers went home to home and collected additional and hoarded books. 

Mr. Aymaq adds that most of the collected books were the ones that were distributed to students in previous years but not returned to schools at the end of the year and some other books were the ones bought by families due to lack of books in schools. 

Najib-ur Rahman, Education Chief of Kunduz considered lack of textbooks a serious problem in this province and warmly welcomed the campaign. 

This campaign is set to continue


Reporter: Inayatullah Khaliq


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