6 irresponsible gunmen killed, wounded in Kunduz

6 irresponsible gunmen killed, wounded in Kunduz

In a clash between two irresponsible armed groups in Khanabad district of Kunduz, Ziauddin Kotowal, Commander of one of the groups and two of his men were killed and three men from the opposite group were wounded.

Safar Mohammad Akbari, Security Chief at Kunduz Police Headquarters considers personal enmity the reason behind the clash.

Akbari adds that the incident took place around 5:30 PM on Sunday in Selbor Mollah Karim area on Khanabad-Takhar way.

Khanabad district in Kunduz has the most number of irresponsible armed men and groups across the province, who, every now and then, clash for their intergroup interests and cause insecurity in the area.


Reporter: Inayatullah Khaliq


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