Monday, 18 February 2019
Person detained for weapon trafficking in Jowzjan

Person detained for weapon trafficking in Jowzjan

Jowzjan Police informs about detention of a person for trafficking weapons and military ammunition. 

Colonel Abdul Hafiz Khashi, Security Chief at Jowzjan Police Headquarters says that Zaynullah, resident of Faryab province, who has been accused of several robbery and weapon trafficking cases, was detained in Sheberghan city this morning while carrying two rocket launchers, a PK machine gun and two Kalashnikov guns.

Mr. Khashi added that the detainee had placed weapons inside a box and pretended they belonged to glassware vendors.

This happens while police in Jowzjan had arrested two men in Sheberghan city for trying to carry 100 rocket shells from Kunduz city to Faryab province last year as well.


Bayanshamal: Farida Ameni


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