Monday, 18 February 2019
Inauguration of 2 schools in Jowzjan

Inauguration of 2 schools in Jowzjan

Local officials of Jowzjan inform about work completion and utilization of 2 schools worth 31 million AFN in this province.

Abdul Hai Yasheen, Jowzjan Education Director says to Bayanshamal that structures of these two girls’ schools were completed in Sheberghan city and Aqchah district and they were officially inaugurated and handed over to use yesterday. He added that after initiation of the schools problems of female students from lack of classrooms will be resolved.

Mr. Yasheen stated the budget for the structures had been paid by the Ministry of Education and each one had 8 classrooms, administrative rooms and other necessary facilities.

According to Education Director of Jowzjan from 405 active schools across in the province 184 of them don’t have buildings.


Bayanshamal: Farida Ameni Nazari


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