Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Taliban sustain casualties in Faryab

Taliban sustain casualties in Faryab

25 Taliban fighters have been killed during Hadaf-e Wahid operation in Faryab province and more than 17 others have been wounded.

Second Lieutenant Abdul Karim Yorish, Public Affairs Officer at Faryab Police Headquarters said to Bayanshamal that Hadaf-e Wahid operation has been in progress for 4 days to regain Chughatak village of Almar district and remove security threats on Number 2 Highway as a consequence of which, so far, 25 armed Taliban including 3 group heads named Qari Asad, Mawlawi Azizullah and Qari Aman have been killed and more than 17 others have been wounded.

According to Mr. Yorish, besides complete clearing of Chughatak village from Taliban fighters, 2 mortars and 2 DSHKs of the enemy have been destroyed and 4 planted mines by them have also been detected and defused.

Public Affairs Officer of Faryab Police added that security forces and civilians haven’t sustained any casualties in the operation.

Hadaf-e Wahid operation started on Number 2 Highway and Chughatak village of Faryab province following Ghulam Farooq Qateh, a member of Jamiat-e Islami’s assassination as a result of detonation of a mine planted by Taliban.


Bayanshamal: Ahmad Jawid Bedar


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