Sunday, 22 September 2019
Balkh police achievements over the past month

Balkh police achievements over the past month

Police in Balkh have detained tens of people accused of different crimes, including drug and weapon trafficking in the province. 

Colonel Mohammad Ajmal Fayez, Balkh Police Commander, in a news conference on Saturday, told that in connection with different crimes 129 individuals including irresponsible gunmen, abductors and drug smugglers have been detained. 

He added that 46 weapons of different kinds, 20 vehicles and 60 smart phones have also been captured by police.

Mr. Fayez explained that an alcoholic drinks and tablet Ketamine production firm has been cleared with a huge amount of alcoholic drinks, hashish, heroin and tablet Ketamine being seized. 

This official of Balkh police assures about providing security on Eid-ul Fitr days, adding they will take serious steps towards bullies and criminals. 


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada



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