Women’s handicraft expo held in Balkh

Women’s handicraft expo held in Balkh

A three-day women’s handicraft exhibition has been launched by Balkh Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BCCI) in special women’s market of Rabia-e Balkhi. 

Nasir Ahmad Qasimi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at BCCI considers launch of this exhibition efficient for marketing for women’s handicraft and products and says that women’s dairy products and their handicraft have been put on sale and display in 40 stalls in this exhibition. 

Mr. Qasimi added that craftswomen in Balkh have improved a lot compared to previous years. 

On the other hand, some women who have put their crafts on display complain about lack of proper market for their goods and ask the government to provide them the grounds of sales and marketing so that they could financially support their families by selling their products. 

Locally embroidered dresses, hand-weaved caps, regional rugs and other handicraft and products have been put on show in this exposition which explain the culture in this country and illustrate the potential of Afghan women. 


Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon




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