Monday, 18 February 2019
Amputees in Balkh register for elections

Amputees in Balkh register for elections

Some amputees in Balkh registered themselves in voters’ registration centers on Thursday to have the chance of participating in the upcoming parliamentary and district councils’ elections.

These amputees show their gratitude for the upcoming elections and say that disability is not restriction and it won’t stop them from participating in elections.

They said they will participate in elections, cast their votes for their desired candidates so that their problems will be resolved.

On the other hand, Najibullah Kohistani, Head of Martyrs and Disabled Section in Labor and Social Affairs Department of Balkh province says that disability cannot stop casting votes and like normal people these amputees will participate in elections and vote for peaceful and developed Afghanistan.

It is while officials in Independent Election Commission of Balkh appreciate amputees’ presence in voters’ registration centers and say that they have fulfilled their citizenship responsibility with this act.


Bayanshamal: Mahnaz Mowzon


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