Women gratitude security forces in Baghlan

Women gratitude security forces in Baghlan

Yesterday, some women in Baghlan thanked military forces deployed in the province by giving them bouquets. 

These women considered efforts of security forces in maintaining security and suppressing terrorists efficient and proclaimed their support for these troops.

Nadira Nahrinwal and Halima Wardak, two women in Baghlan asked parents of armed opponents of government to encourage their children to desist from war against security forces.

Brigadier General Ikramuddin Sareh, Baghlan Police Commander considered people’s cooperation effective in maintaining security and avoiding opponents’ activities and assured people that security forces are striving to provide security the way they expect. 

Major General Abdul Malik, Operative In-Charge of Afghan National Army in Baghlan says that people’s support and appreciation gives security forces moral in the battlefields and he relates current security to people’s endeavors.

At the end of the program women gave appreciation letters to security officials, officers and soldiers.  



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