Monday, 18 February 2019
Flood flows in Baghlan

Flood flows in Baghlan

Residents of Deh Salah and Pul-e Hesar districts in Baghlan were left with heavy financial causalities after flood flows last night.

Local officials of Deh Salah and Pul-e Hesar say that due to flood flashes in different parts of the abovementioned districts hundreds of acres of agricultural lands and tens of residential houses have been destroyed and also more than 50 livestock have been killed. 

On the other hand, Mohammad Nasir Kohzad, Disasters Manager of Baghlan says that a survey team has been dispatched to these districts to assess the amount of casualties sustained by people and assistance will later be provided to the sufferers.

It is while flood flows in Pul-e Khumri city had taken lives and caused financial casualties to the people in the previous month as well.


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