Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Badakhshan (207)

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Drugs consignment discovered, seized in Badakhshan

Saturday, 07 July 2018 15:35

Badakhshan Police says that Counter Narcotics Police of the province has discovered and seized a consignment of drugs from Kishim-Faizabad highway in Pul Begum security post.

Trash collection campaign in center of Badakhshan

Thursday, 05 July 2018 13:19

Youth Directorate of Information and Culture Department in cooperation with Faizabad Municipality launched a campaign to gather trash in Faizabad city.

Badakhshan University Chancellor: We have scientific relations with three universities in Tajikistan

Monday, 02 July 2018 13:19

Badakhshan University Chancellor says they have scientific relations with three universities in Tajikistan and some of their teachers have gained doctorate scholarships in National University of Tajikistan and studied in different fields.

Landmine explosion injures 3 in Badakhshan

Saturday, 23 June 2018 13:57

Security sources in Argo district of Badakhshan say that as a result of a remote control landmine explosion in the center of this district, 3 people have been injured.

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