Sunday, 23 September 2018

Badakhshan (209)

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Women’s participation surges in agricultural programs in Badakhshan

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 11:34

In charge of Agricultural Programs in Agriculture and Livestock Department of Badakhshan says that participation of women in agricultural programs of the ministry of Agriculture has caused them to be effective in empowering economy of their families.

Eid security measures initiate in Badakhshan

Saturday, 09 June 2018 10:17

With Eid-ul Fitr just around the corner, Badakhshan Police informs about extreme security measures and says people can peacefully celebrate Ramadan Eid.

80 flood-harmed families helped in Badakhshan

Sunday, 03 June 2018 10:41

Head of Badakhshan Disasters Management says that more than 80 families affected by the recent flooding have been assisted and the process for detecting harmed families is in progress.

Badakhshan Police Commander: “we cleaned Kohistan district”

Saturday, 02 June 2018 11:14

Badakhshan Police Commander says as a consequence of a joint operation conducted by security forces in Kohistan district in the province, all areas of the district have been taken out of Taliban’s control and security officials say they are striving to start the new phase of the operation in the district.

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