Saturday, 19 October 2019
First consignments from Lapis Lazuli route arrive in Badakhshan

First consignments from Lapis Lazuli route arrive in Badakhshan

Shipments of the first caravan that came through Lapis Lazuli route to Badakhshan are the equipment for Shorabak dam. 

The dam will be built using Germany’s financial aid with Turkish company FINCA implementing the project. 

Two drivers who have come to Badakhshan with the caravan say that they faced a number of challenges from Aqinah to Badakhshan, insecurity was the main problem they came across. 

Abdul Hasib Daqiq, Head of Badakhshan Economy Department, appreciating arrival of the first packages through Lapis Lazuli course, says that opening of this route will bring about new economic opportunities for Afghanistan. 

Residents of Badakhshan state that opening of Lapis Lazuli way is a new promise for economic advancement in the country and if seized well, this opportunity will lead Afghanistan’s economy and trade to newer heights. 

Local officials are also optimistic about the opening of the route and expect this path to salvage Afghanistan from relying on neighboring countries. 


Reporter: Sharif Shayeq




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