Monday, 23 September 2019
Security measures adopted for New Year in Badakhshan

Security measures adopted for New Year in Badakhshan

Officials at Badakhshan Police Headquarters update about adoption of security measures for New Year feast and state that all facilities will be used to apply their plan. 

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Tariq Ziapor, Security Chief and Acting Commander at Badakhshan Police Headquarters says they have adopted specific measures to secure the upcoming Nowroz, the plan has been disseminated to all police detachments and all police personnel will be assigned to provide security in this grand event. 

Mr. Ziapor says that all the amusement parks and people’s gathering places will be covered in the New Year’s security plan so that they can spend this festival in a safe and peaceful environment without any security concerns.

Security Chief of the province also states that units have been deployed on highways.

He mentions that in addition to other forces, a city garrison which was previously active in the center of Badakhshan, will intensify its activities for the New Year.

Security officials also expect people to be cooperative with security forces so that their troops maintain comprehensive security. 


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq



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