Bird hunting surges in Badakhshan

Bird hunting surges in Badakhshan

Local officials in Badakhshan claim that increase of threats to the wildlife ecosystem has coerced most bird species to flee this province’s geography and migrate to mountainous areas of Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Ghulam Nabi Sarfaraz, Head of Environment Department in Badakhshan says that bird hunting has increased in this province and thus far there haven’t been any actions to bar senseless hunting. 

Mr. Sarfaraz tells that irresponsible gunmen are behind bird hunting and in some rocky regions of Badakhshan race of some bird species are facing the risk of extinction. 

Simultaneously, Colonel Sayed Abbas Sadat, Badakhshan Police Commander also states that hunting birds is an illegal action and police will seriously work in this regard. 

He adds all districts and police divisions have been seriously ordered to avoid bird hunting and not allow anyone to continue this act. Mr. Sadat ensures that those who continue this act will be legally dealt with. 

Although local officials of Badakhshan regularly talk about struggles to prevent wildlife hunting, but the reality is that increase in hunting has put some wildlife species on the brink of extinction. 


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq





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