Trash collection campaign in center of Badakhshan

Trash collection campaign in center of Badakhshan

Youth Directorate of Information and Culture Department in cooperation with Faizabad Municipality launched a campaign to gather trash in Faizabad city.

The campaign has been launched to cooperate with workers of Urban Cleaning section and promote the culture of protecting the environment.

Abdul Salam Hafizi, In Charge of Greenery in Faizabad Municipality appreciated this initiative from youth and expected people to pay attention to environment and have comprehensive cooperation with municipality workers.

Mr. Hafizi said the campaign has been launched under the slogan “our city, our home” to make people feel responsible.

In the meantime, Mohammad Ismail Samih, In Charge of Contemporary Idea Club, a local educative institution had also participated in the campaign and expressed that such a campaign from one hand is a strive to collaborate with municipality workers and from the other hand it attracts people’s attention towards city cleanliness and environment preservation.


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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