Landmine explosion injures 3 in Badakhshan

Landmine explosion injures 3 in Badakhshan

Security sources in Argo district of Badakhshan say that as a result of a remote control landmine explosion in the center of this district, 3 people have been injured.

Colonel Mohammad Amin, Argo Police Commander says the mine was placed on the way of Fakhruddin Akbari, Public Uprising Forces Commander. The mine exploded when he was returning from Friday prayer in which 3 of his bodyguards were wounded but he wasn’t harmed.

Argo Police Commander said the wounded were carried to Faizabad Provincial Hospital for treatment.

However, Sanaullah Rohani, Spokesperson for Badakhshan Police says the injuries were minor and the wounded are in good condition.

It is while no one has claimed responsibility for placing the mine as yet.


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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