Monday, 18 February 2019
Eid security measures initiate in Badakhshan

Eid security measures initiate in Badakhshan

With Eid-ul Fitr just around the corner, Badakhshan Police informs about extreme security measures and says people can peacefully celebrate Ramadan Eid.

Brigadier General Mohammad Sabir Aryan, Badakhshan Police Commander says that security forces have adopted great security measures to maintain security of Eid days. He adds that all mosques where Eid prayer will be performed and all amusement parks will be covered through this security program that has been adopted so that people won’t have any security fears in these places.

Mr. Aryan says that safety of highways and main roads is also a priority for security forces so that people could peacefully take the roads. 

Badakhshan Police Commander requests people to cooperate with security forces in ensuring security so these troops could secure areas according to public expectations.

It is while security preparations for Eid days have started in other provinces in North and Northeast of the country.


Bayanshamal: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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